Friday, July 18, 2014

Around Town - Calcite Vessels

I'm saving my pennies for one of these beautiful organic vessels designed by Brenda Houston

Crafted naturally of calcite and onyx, they really stand alone as works of art. The minerals are mined in a private quarry, and then the pieces are finished by hand. No two are exactly alike, and sizes range from five to 52 inches. 

The smaller versions can be perched atop a coffee table book, and the larger bowls (which are the real showstoppers in my opinion) are right at home in the center of a dining room table - which is exactly where I will put my own (someday)! 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Great Throw!

I'm crazy about my new super-soft herringbone throw from Lands Downunder. It's a cashmere impostor that's actually a durable blend of cotton and alpaca - so it pops right in the washing machine! Mary Cate's in Dallas has a pile by the register. Aren't the colors amazing?

It was a hard to choose but I went with this coral shade.

Now off to curl up for a marathon of "Orange is the New Black" - our current summer obsession!