Monday, May 19, 2014

Chair Makeovers

With a little lacquer and a few yards of fabric, a lifeless old chair is easily transformed. This spring, I helped several clients freshen up some of their favorite seats. These before-and-after shots might inspire you to rethink throwing out your grandmother's antique chair!

Rheims Place Before 
 A pair of vintage chairs - a major steal from the online Park Cities Yard Sale!

Rheims Place After 
A few simple tweaks - removing the tufting, raising the skirt and 
dressing them up in a crisp gray fabric from 
Kravet - make the chairs look brand new! 

Hanover Before 
The homeowner inherited a pair of these chairs. The wood and rush seat were 
a little too French Country for her taste, but the back design gives them potential. 

Hanover After 
The new lacquered finish makes a huge difference, don't you think? 
And she scored this amazing dove gray leather lookalike 
at a local fabric discounter. It's gorgeous! 

Normandy Before 
It's already darling, but needed to be lightened up to go with the new color palette. 

Normandy After 
And now it's even cuter! The legs were lacquered off-white, 
and the body covered in Quadrille's Melong Batik.

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