Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rootless Succulents

With two busy boys and working part-time, I've got my hands full. There's not much time to take care of anything else...especially a finiky houseplant. But succulents, I can handle. Their fleshy leaves are saturated with water, so you can forget about them for a few weeks and they still sit pretty. 

At Round Top, I noticed many dealers displayed them in shallow bowls or even peeking out of pieces of driftwood. 

Emily Clark 

After stopping at Tom Thumb yesterday, I popped inside Avant Garden in Highland Park Village, and had to share what the boutique florist is doing with succulents. 

This is an underside view. They have literally cut off the succulent's roots, which apparently they can live three months without. They don't require a thing - soil, sunlight, water - nothing! 

And since there's no mess, you can really get creative. Make a centerpiece with an interesting piece of wood or clam shell, or nestle a little one beside your favorite orchid. 

I filled this blue-and-white bowl with moss and then topped it with a few rootless succulents from Avant Garden. It's been taking care of itself for over a week now. Now that's my kind of house plant! 

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