Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lillian August Love

A magazine in my mailbox can really make my day. Traditional Home is one of my absolute favorites, and this month's issue doesn't disappoint with its full spread on designer Lillian August's North Carolina home. 

Lillian launched her career as a young mom, designing country-style quilt fabrics. Thirty years later, her name is a brand, with five stores, a fabric line at Fabricut and her own furniture line, which I absolutely LOVE. I'm not usually a fan of "new" furniture, but Lillian has created some beautiful copycats of Swedish antiques in her Antiquaire line for Hickory White. Here are a few of my favorites from the line:

Real Swedish antiques can cost several thousand dollars, but the Antiquaire collection is pretty affordable. She also has designed some amazing modern pieces too. Click here to see the whole line! 

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  1. I was delighted to see Traditional Home returning to a more traditional format than what I've seen for the past months....very beautiful issue, especially Lillian August's home which was a refreshing surprise since it was so much more today than her previous look.