Saturday, January 12, 2013

Treasure Hunting at Scott's in Atlanta

There aren't many places I love more than Scott's Antique Show in Atlanta. There's nothing pretty about the place - it's inside an old white Expo Center in a scary section of Atlanta. But inside those ugly walls are some of the prettiest things at even prettier prices. So the girls from Antique Row and I packed our suitcases and hopped on a Southwest flight for a two-day shopping frenzy for the shop. And this time we came prepared - with our very own 24-foot truck to transport our treasures home to West Lovers Lane! 

Our first stop - the warehouses on the outskirts of the town. Unfortunately these locations are pretty top secret and only open to dealers. I found a handful of beautiful Louis Philippe mirrors like this one. 

This bleached French chair needs some new fabric, but once I get in recovered it will be stunning. Do you see the pretty carved flowers inset in the arm?

We couldn't get inside the gates at Scott's until 1 p.m. so Thursday morning we poked through the city's antique stores in Buckhead. Here are Antique Row dealers Brooke Drake, Melessa Brooks and me inside 14th Street Antiques Market. 

And then we were off to Scott's where I was warmly greeted by this pile of Louis Philippe mirrors. This silver version got slapped with my "sold" sticker pretty quick. I've never seen one with carved flowers before, and as you can tell, I've got a thing for carved flowers. 

This bleached wood antique French server is heading to the store, too. It's substantial in height. And the lighter wood is hot right now, but the lines keep it from being too "Restoration Hardware-trendy."

A table topped with one of my favorite antique accessories - Anglo-American quill boxes. 

This Louis Philippe chest has the most gorgeous wood which the dealer calls "blond mahogany." I'm trying to persuade myself to sell this in the shop but I must will likely land in my living room. 

I'm super excited about this piece - an antique French Empire buffet with inset columns and bronze accents. It's a real period piece that serves a modern purpose. I can picture it resting underneath a flat screen TV! 

I also picked up some contemporary lighting from this dealer. These pendants have an interesting aqua green finish. 

This is just a sneak peek at what's coming to the shop. Like I said, we weren't messing around - we've got our truck packed up to the brim! Everything rolls into town early this week so stop by to get first pick.  

Lindley Arthur Antiques
Antique Row
5013 West Lovers Lane
Dallas, Texas 75209


  1. Love everything you found! Wish I were close!

  2. We were there as well and loved it! I found a lot of great stuff this time as well as at Market. Loved those quill boxes and looked at them myself as well as the mirrors! We were probably right there by you and never knew it! Glad you hit the jackpot!

  3. Thanks Cindy and Carolyn!! Cindy, it's worth the trip. And Carolyn, I have no doubt we were both flipping through the same pile of mirrors!

  4. I love all the pieces you bought . This place in Atlanta is fantastic
    If you are looking for this kind of pieces , I think you may consider coming to France for an antiquing tour ...