Monday, November 5, 2012

A French Patisserie Table

The first antique that I bought for myself was a French patisserie table. It was advertised in an estate sale, and I arrived before the sun came up to get in line. Ten minutes later, it was mine. It's moved to three different houses with me, and today it sits against a window in our bar. 

These tables were used in French bakeries to roll dough. Some date back to the mid 19th century while others are "newer", circa 1920s. Most come with white marble tops and iron bases. Today, they make great display pieces or even small dining tables. 

I found this pretty one at an antique show and just moved it inside my booth. It's hard to tell from this photo, but the iron base has a weathered verdigris finish with a flower. The top is the original white marble. $1,250 at Lindley Arthur Antiques in Antique Row, call 214.616.2582 if interested! 


  1. Love the marble tables and thank you for the history background. I will have to look up this Antique Row in Texas.