Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cheaper Copies of CONRAD

When it comes to natural grass shades, CONRAD is king. They've been in business for more than 50 years, and are known for their expert hand craftsmanship. 

I love the simplicity and subtle texture the CONRADs add to rooms. 

I have a wall of windows in my living room that I've been dying to fill with natural grass shades. So my first stop was CONRAD. I'll admit, I had NO idea how expensive this line was. I nearly choked after I got the bid. I could pay for my oldest son's college education for what five simple shades cost! 

So I was pretty excited when I heard about a copy-cat  right here in Dallas, Designer's Workroom. They created their own version of the famous grass shades which they call "The Wind Song Collection." It comes in four neutral colors (which look just like the real deal) and their bid was HALF the price as CONRAD's!  

But they were still out of my budget. So I gave my local Budget Blinds salesman a call. I'm serious - no laughing!  An interior designer friend let me in on this secret source. Jim from Budget Blinds arrived in his van with four sample books of natural shades. I must warn you, most were chunky beaded tribal-looking weaves, but inside was a gem - an almost exact copy of a CONRAD. I was shocked when I saw the bid. It was about 75-percent cheaper than the Wind Song version, which makes it almost free compared to CONRAD. Two weeks later, they were installed in my living room.

I consider Jim from Budget Blinds one of my favorite finds - and I had to share it with all of my readers. Please give him a call and ask for the CONRAD look-alike...he'll know which sample to pull! 


  1. I too used Budget blinds for the addition of white plantation shutters in my garage. Five years ago I used a different business but they did not have a lesser priced shutter and for the garage I was not going to pay the too high price they quoted. Budget Blinds co. in Round Rock Texas were great JUST know what you want and what to look for ahead of time and you will save!

  2. Lindley, just found your blog through Pinterest. Love the look of these blinds. I will have to look in to Budget blinds. Thanks

  3. Window blinds or budget blinds have a lot of decorative colors and designs that can help your home look more fashionable in so many ways.

  4. Beautiful...I am totally unable to select colors, did you choose the Koki or Waikiki color in these blinds?
    Great blog - just discovered you and have already had the Budget Blinds folks out to measure --

  5. I was really interested in getting these window covering as well. Is there a specific name to look for when speaking to budget blinds?

  6. Can you share with us the pattern you went with?