Thursday, May 24, 2012

Look-Alike Lamps

Last week I spotted this pair of lamps at one of my favorite Dallas shops, Mary Cates and Co. They're made from old stair balustrades, and topped with gorgeous custom linen shades that designer Mary Cates is known for.

I couldn't get these lamps out of my head - they would be perfect in our den. But at $1,700 a pair, I was going to have to forget about them - Stroud would flip! So I was pretty excited when I saw this version at Wisteria. It's not old, but the wood has a great patina, and the color and shape are almost exactly like the Mary Cates version. And at $100 each, they definitely make the husband happy.

But, they're just not the same without the lamp shade. So I decided since I saved SO much money on the lamps themselves, I could afford to spring for some amazing custom shades. I recently read about The Lamp Shoppe, a new door on Dragon Street owned by Melissa Woody.  

The shop is GORGEOUS. Melissa sells her custom lamps at Lovers Lane Antiques and Nick Brock. The shop carries several interesting lamps made out of architectural and mineral elements, as well as a selection of pretty antiques. 

The Lamp Shoppe has tons of shades, too - both in stock and forms for custom shades, 

and spools and spools of trims to dress up ordinary lamp shades. 

And in less than a week, Melissa and her in-house team created these beauties! 

Here's a close-up of the trim - we layered two different cords for texture. 

So, just to remind you, these are the lamps from Mary Cates, the $1,700 ones that weren't happening.

And here's my "copy" - at a fraction of the price. Almost looks like the real deal, don't you think?

This view makes me happy...and I've got a happy husband too!


  1. I love the lamps and the shade idea is wonderful thank you for mentioning the time I visit Dallas I will stop at the The Lamp Shoppe. I have lamp bases that need an upgraded shade. Have a great Friday - Monica