Monday, February 6, 2012

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Do you ever read Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles It's quickly becoming one of my favorite reads. Probably because it bears some resemblance to the much-missed Southern Accents - the pages are still filled with classic, beautiful interiors. If you've never seen a copy, here are some pretty photos inside the latest issue. 

And speaking of Atlanta, I'm packing my bags as we speak for Scott's Antique Market. I'll post pictures this weekend!


  1. I always love every image posted from this magazine. I must subscribe. These are wonderful images. Have fun at Scott's. Mona

  2. Thanks Mona! Atlanta Homes is really the best magazine out there, in my opinion. I get so tired of seeing trendy interiors, and ATL doesn't get swayed - they stick with what's pretty. You can read it online! I'm going to see if I can find a "hard copy" in Atlanta this week. Thanks for reading! xo Lindley

  3. Love your blog and love seeing all of the beautiful pictures! It's fun to see another place that carries Emily's art....we certainly are blessed to have had her with us for several years...there's nothing more fun than getting her new paintings in! I loved all of the pics from Atlanta Homes! They are always inspiring! Good luck at Scotts!
    Carolyn Bradford
    Mulberry Heights Antiques

  4. Love the magazine and these images are exactly why. I adore every square inch of this beautiful home - so warm and inviting. Hope you find lots of goodies at Scott's!!