Saturday, September 24, 2011

Round Top, Round One

It's Round Top time again! I always go early with my mom and sister to the famous 10-day Texas antique show to hunt for my booth. It's not easy making the trip two times in a week, but it's worth it - most of the bargains are scooped up quick! This picture shows what it's like on the first day - people are literally pulling up chairs and buying things right off this truck as they're unloading it. 

One of our favorite stops is the Blue Hills show. I had to take a picture of this hot air balloon basket. What on earth is something going to do with this???

But this pretty piece, on the other hand, would be such a workhorse with my two boys. Can't you just picture it by the back door, filled with soccer balls, umbrellas and shoes? And so much more charm than a built-in mudroom. If only I had the space! 

Another favorite dealer is Elephant Walk Antiques inside the EX-CESS show. I've found a lot from this booth over the years. This time, I came home with this old French garden bench to put in front of my fireplace. I'm so over these French grain and coffee sacks, though. I'm going to have to recover it for sure! 

The same dealer had these pretty pair of demilune tables with painted iron legs. Already sold before the show even officially opened! 

I love the color of these willow baskets. Perfect for collecting ugly plastic toys or firewood. 

We also stopped at "The Depot", a show that usually is junky, but there's a silver dealer there that I love. We got out of the car and spotted this birdhouse, made entirely out of twigs. It took some convincing, but we got my mom to buy it for her lake house. She's going to have a stand made for it and put it against a wall of windows. It came complete with a mouse nest inside, but it's a treasure! 

I found a few things for my booth (pictures posted soon!), and am heading back again Tuesday morning with some girlfriends. I am on the hunt for something interesting to put in my dining room on either side of the bay window. I'd love some ideas from readers. What do you think would work?  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

CelebrateART! - Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who attended CelebrateART! on Thursday night to support Nicole Groth, Lizzie Perry, Meredith Grabham, Gina Dunn, Erin Chance FenstermakerEmily Ozier and Melissa Payne Baker! Since this was our first event, we didn't know what to expect. But the party drew such a fun crowd, and we all sold lots of paintings. Best of all, we were able to support a great cause, the Think Ahead Group at the Center for BrainHealth. I'm thrilled to say plans are in the works for a second event sometime next year! 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Nicole Groth

I met Dallas artist Nicole Groth last year, when we realized our little boys would be going to Kindergarten together. The mommy-of-three is one of the sweetest, most upbeat girls I know. Her contemporary still-life paintings are no exception. She's got a great eye for color - some of the canvases are bright and bold, while others are finished in soft, subtle shades. Don't they just make you feel happy? 

Nicole will be showing these works and more at our show at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday at my home, 3612 Harvard, in Dallas. Nicole can also be reached at if you're interested in one of her pieces. She also does commissions!