Monday, June 13, 2011

Our New Den

When we moved last year, we just repurposed the furniture we had - which in our den meant using an antique red oriental rug and hunter green sectional. The room has always bugged me. The rug wasn't the right size, the couch closed off the space and the colors were too dark. So, after many persuasive conversations with Stroud over red wine, I FINALLY got the green light to redecorate. 

The past two months have been so much fun - I've been all over Dallas and the internet picking things out. And then last Thursday was best of all - the installation day! I wish I'd taken a picture before we hauled the old stuff out. But here's the new SOFT SEAGRASS rug from Blackstone Carpet being rolled out. Blackstone developed the SOFT SISAL and SOFT SEAGRASS themselves, and it's the only place you can buy it. It's not scratchy and supposedly even more stain resistant than regular sisal. Let's hope so - this room is going to get a lot of traffic from the Arthur boys! 

And here's the room with the new furniture! The chairs and sofas are from Lee Industries, which makes great, more affordable upholstery pieces. Most of the fabric is Pindler & Pindler, except the pillows which are from Kravet. The antique coffee table isn't new - I found it years ago at Dearing Antiques in Atlanta. Do you see my boys already making themselves comfortable on the chairs? I better have everything Scotchgaurded this week! 

Here's a close-up of the pillows finished in the Kravet fabric. The colors inspired the rest of the room. 

Here's a view facing the fireplace. I still need to work on the bookcases. But doesn't that EMYO painting look perfect above the fireplace? Unfortunately it doesn't get to stay. Stroud is insisting on a flat screen TV above the fireplace. I guess he's going to win that battle. 

Especially because I still need to put the finishing touches on the room! (I'm almost done Stroud, I promise.) I want to add a pair of these iron benches in front of the fireplace. I'm thinking of using this Greek key tape from Pindler & Pindler around the border.

I'm going to copy these curtains from Joni Webb's Houston home:

And finally, if I get really lucky at Round Top, I'd love find a pair of antique French doors to cover the bookshelves. This is going to be tough to find, but it's on my hunting list this fall.  

So, I'm much happier with the room. The floorplan, natural rug and light colors make it seem huge. But, I've still got some more work to do. Off to pour Stroud a glass of wine! 

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  1. Lin - The room is incredible, I have actually been over to the house to see first hand how great this room truly looks! Huge improvement and I am happy you have it 90% completed! Fantastic job pulling everything together. However, after watching TV from the blue chairs the other night I am going to side with Stroud on the big screen above the fireplace. That is the only way to go! Love your taste and your beautiful home and your wonderful family! Keep up the amazing work Ms. Polish & Patina.