Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dressing up your empty fireplace

I'm so excited to say hello to spring. But, a little sad to say goodbye to the warm wood-burning fires Stroud builds for us every night. We cleaned out the ashes this weekend so even if the temperature dips again, fire season is officially over at the Arthur house. I came across these pictures of different ways to dress up an empty hearth. I've never even thought about putting anything inside a fireplace except a fire, but now my wheels are turning! Which one is your favorite? 

A single row of custom-cut birth logs inside Real Simple

Giant clam shell filled with coral at the My Notting Hill blog

Vellum books at Decor Pad

Dried hydrangeas in Country Living


  1. That is the ONLY part of winter I think I will miss, all the cozy fires, and these are so lovely!

  2. Thanks for posting my fireplace. Love the one you featured w/the hydrangea.