Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back from Round Top!

My mom, sister and I ventured down to Round Top earlier this week to check out the deals in the "fields." Like last year, we arrived just in time to see the dealers unpacking treasures from their trucks. 

Next week, thousands will descend upon this small Texas farming town with a population of 88. By the time the swarm arrives, most of the deals in the fields are gone, bought and resold at the pricier Marburger show. So going early - especially if you're a dealer like me - has its benefits. I found lots of great stuff for my booth which I'll post later, but here's a peek at some things fresh off the truck. 

Love this day bed - the finish and detail was amazing. This was inside Love Train Antiques tent which has moved to the Blue Hills field this year. 

I bought a set of these vintage fashion prints from Paris for my booth. I just took them to be framed today! Wouldn't they be so cute in a girls' room?

This booth at Excess was completely cleaned out by Marburger dealers in just one day. The guy had tons of Louis Philippe mirrors and he was practically giving them away at $400 a pop. I used to think Marburger had the best deal on these, but this proved me wrong! 

I'd love to get rid of my Pottery Barn Kids toy storage and replace it with this vintage wire rack that was used in an old store for storage. 

A cute Easter display using old Mason jars. 

I'm heading back on Tuesday to hit Marburger and the Big Red Barn. I know I'll see lots of this marked up there, but the show is so beautiful it's hard to miss it. Check back next week for pictures from my trip! 

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