Monday, February 28, 2011

Little Picassos

My sweet friend Meredith has fabulous art in her home. Some she's collected over the years and some she's actually painted herself. But her favorite (and mine too!) is the abstract that sits in her entry. 

I loved it even more when Meredith told me that the artists were none other than her three-year-old daughter Stella and two-year-old son Yates. The pair did all the work by themselves, with no help from Mom. Then it was framed and placed somewhere where it would always be seen - right by the front door. 

She did the same thing with these two paintings hanging in the upstairs hallway. Both kiddos were armed with the exact same paint and brushes, and these are their creations. 

Yates' sits on the left, Stella's on the right. 

Meredith also marked each child's first birthday by framing their very first drawings in her laundry room. 

The work of some "real" artists will appreciate over time. But nothing will gain value more than these sweet paintings. I know they make Meredith smile every time she sees them now, but can you imagine how treasured they will be in 15 years? 

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