Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gallery Wall Reveal!

I don't usually make New Year resolutions. But, I do have a list a mile long of things I want to do to my home in 2011. At the top - filling empty walls in the upstairs hallway with a "gallery" arrangement of pictures. 

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I'm not a huge fan of picture frames (they bring back bad memories of my OU dorm room decked in Party Pics), so I don't keep a lot of photos sitting out. A couple of years ago, my mom gave me some old family photographs and they've been collecting dust at the top of my closet. So I rounded up more from my mother-in-law and headed to BWC (a photo finishing shop in Dallas) to get everything reprinted in black and white or soft sepia tones. Then off to a custom framer who helped me choose complementing white mats and a variety of frames, all in silver so the grouping would tie together. 

I played around with the arrangement on the floor a few times before picking up the hammer and nails. There aren't any "rules" to follow with a gallery arrangement, but I did rely on this great read which has great pointers for hanging photos in your home. 

Here's a look at my new hallway. I'm in love! 

So, I've checked off the first of many projects in 2011. What's at the top of your home to-do list this year? 

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  1. Love the additions from what I saw at least I think there are a few new ones! I love the picture from your wedding...what great memories. I was thinking about doing a gallery wall as well in our living room but I don't know quite yet. One project that we are going to kick off next weekend is re-painting all of our trim and doors. And with that all new hardware for the doors. I also really want to re-do our kitchen. But I think that would come along with a little help! xoxo