Sunday, November 28, 2010

Swedish Chic

One of my favorite homes was recently featured in Veranda. It's the personal home of decorator Shannon Bowers. You wouldn't guess from its traditional, red brick Georgian exterior that the inside looks like this.


It's light, airy and casual - Swedish Gustavian to a tee. This is the hot look right now but Swedish style actually dates back more than 200 years, when King Gustav III reigned over Sweden. 

The King spent several years in France's Court of Versailles, and fell in love with their furniture. He later returned to Sweden and knocked off the Louis XVI look, but pared it down with his country's culture - simple lines (the people weren't as flamboyant as the French) and soft painted colors (to reflect light during dark, cold winters).
Here are some beautiful rooms decorated in Swedish Gustavian style. 

Swedish Interior Design

Cote de Texas

The Swedish formula is pretty simple. Color is light, furniture is unadorned and worn with paint, and accessories are well edited and sparse. What results is a calming space that's easy to live in. 

As you know, I'm a fan of antiques, but unfortunately Swedish Gustavian pieces can get pretty pricey. Here are some beauties I spotted on 1stdibs today. 

Gustavian commode, $5,790

Pair of Gustavian chairs, $10,000

Gustavian settee, $3,700

Thankfully, you don't have to make your husband too mad - there are some pretty convincing knock offs out there. Check out Wisteria, Country Swedish, and Real Gustavian and start shopping! 

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