Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sew Cute!

I've always wanted to learn to sew. But honestly, walking into most sewing stores made me feel like an old lady. They are too old fashioned with the quilting fabrics and outdated patterns.  

Thankfully there's City Craft - it's the perfect place in Dallas to get schooled on sewing, and it's not anywhere a granny would shop. The shelves are stacked with modern, graphic fabrics from Amy Butler, Heather Bailey and Anna Maria Horner. And there's space where you can take fun classes (and bring in your own bottle of wine, I might add). 

So after spending two months learning the art of threading my machine and sewing a strait line, I grabbed good friend Lindsay (who has been my study buddy from the beginning) and signed up for a class on making throw pillows. 

Part one of the class was easy. We cut out two panels of fabric for the pillow. Then we cut more fabric on the bias and attached it to plain cording. I decided to make my pillow for my friend Karin, who is expecting a baby girl this spring. 

Lindsay's project was a throw pillow for daughter Madeline's bed. Here she is cutting fabric for her cording. No major mess ups yet, which is a good thing because we forgot our wine that night. 

And here's me sewing my cording together. 

The last step was attaching our cording the pillow panel. We finished up and spent all week marveling at our sewing skills. 

A week later, we headed back to City Craft to finish the pillow. The night's agenda was to sew in an invisible zipper to connect the panels. We'd heard rumors that the zipper was something to fear, but we weren't worried - after all, we were clearly professional seamstresses! 

Or so we thought. Between the two of us, we sewed and ripped out those things AT LEAST five times. Lindsay sewed her panels on backwards, I sewed my zipper together, and I think we both almost took a needle through the thumb. We didn't stop to take pictures of the painful process, but thankfully we had Pinot Grigio to help us through.

And (drum roll, please)...here we are with our pillows! Aren't they great? They look almost perfect on the outside. I just wouldn't recommend opening them up.

We got to take them home that night, along with the realization that we have a lot of practice to do before we attempt the roman shades. Instead we're enrolled in a skirt class for Friday night. Fingers crossed that elastic waist is forgiving!  


  1. I have always wished I could sew. Well, you girls made it look easy, for the most part! Kudos to you for trying something new, and it looks like y'all had FUN doing it!