Monday, October 11, 2010

Found Objects: Antique Mason Jars

Remember these antique Hungarian Mason jars I spotted on my first trip to Round Top? 

I've been kicking myself for not buying a few for the shop (and myself)! So I was thrilled when I spotted several up for grabs at an antique auction yesterday. Competition was tough, but I managed to win a few for my booth. 

They were once used by villagers on the European countryside to store and ferment fruits and vegetables before the winter. Green jars usually housed fruits; the clear versions preserved vegetables like cucumbers and white peppers. 

Today, use your imagination - the old jars are perfect for displaying collections, holiday centerpieces, flowers, even a terrarium.  

I spotted this pair of vintage Mason jars in the window of Mary Cates' new shop in Inwood Village - $125 for the large, $115 for the small. 

I'm selling my larger jars for $95 and smaller for $85. I'm not delivering until this weekend so if you'd like to have one before they're gone, let me know! 


  1. "Gracieux I" is my favorite, butit was hard to chose. Lovely works. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great find! Do you still have any of the large Hungarian jars left to sell? Do you ship out of state?
    Thanks! Angela

  3. Great job on finding the jars you wanted! I love how you showed so many examples on how we can put old Mason jars or canning jars to good use. :)

  4. Melissa @marmstrong34@aol.comNovember 14, 2011 at 9:41 AM

    I'd like to find a jar similar to this for my upcoming wedding. In leiu of a guest sign in book we wanted to do a "message in a bottle", every bottle I find I am afraid I wont get the messages out of the small hole. I think these would be perfect, although I am a little lost of where to find them. Do you have any recommendations? :)

  5. Melissa, I've seen some copies at Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. Not the "real deal" but honestly, they look SO good. What a wonderful idea for your wedding! Congrats to you! xo