Monday, September 6, 2010

Favorite Finds In Store

As a dealer at Antique Row, I'm asked to work one day a month at the shop. This past Thursday was the first time in five years (or since Leighton was born) that I put in a full day at the "office." I had lots of time to study all of the shop's best finds, and photographed a few of my favorites. 

I was so disappointed to see a "Sold" tag already on this angel. Wouldn't it be fabulous during the holidays sitting on a chest surrounded by holly and pinecones?

This Imari vase was transformed into a lamp with a more contemporary Lucite base and finial.

A bold lamp surrounded by antique Mercury glass. 

An interesting vignette atop a simple, antique Louis Philippe commode. 

My mom has an arrangement of vintage still life paintings in her kitchen. I love this pair to start a collection.

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  1. I LOVE that Imari vase lamp! Can't wait to stop by the store.