Saturday, September 11, 2010

Demijohn Bottles

When I visit antique markets, I'm always on the lookout for handblown Demijohn bottles. Originally they were used in Europe and early America to store liquids like wine and molasses.


Today, decorators use them to accent both traditional and modern interiors. 

Atlanta Home & Lifestyles

The most common colors are olive green and aqua, although sometimes you can find the rarer amber or cobalt blue. Usually (but not always), the  greener the bottle, the newer it is.  European bottles tend to be more round, while American versions usually are shaped liked a cylinderThese arrangements of differing sizes and colors makes for interesting table centerpieces in this oceanfront home.

Coastal Living

Coastal Living

I love how this collection of clear demijohns complements this airy, light interior. 


We have several varieties in stock at Antique Row - where can you use one in your home?

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