Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cleaning Up Clutter

I like for things in my house to have a home. Organizing is one of my favorite past times, and I confess - my electronic label maker is my favorite high tech gadget. 

But with two little boys, a very enthusiastic Brittany and a husband who loves the outdoors, stuff seems to pile up by the back door. Right now I'm looking at three pairs of flip flops, two school bags, a soccer ball and an electric dog collar. And I don't have anywhere to put it...which drives me crazy! 

So in my next life, I'd love to have a mud room. The examples below are some of my favorites. Cubbies and hooks are hidden behind simple cabinet doors. Everyone has a place to throw all of their stuff...and Mom doesn't have to look at any of it! 

Southern Living


Traditional Home

And there's the perfect place to put the dog bed, too!

Country Home & Interiors

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  1. OMG, if I could have a mud room and keep Sadie in there my life would be complete! haha