Thursday, September 30, 2010

Round Top Recap Part II

After two trips to Round Top in a week, I'm officially shopped out (something that almost never happens)! My Round Top girls (cousin Laura and good friend Courtenay) and I headed south before sunrise on Tuesday and made it to our first stop, Marburger Farm, right when the show opened. The crowds can be a little overwhelming, so it helps to walk through again when the aisles empty later in the day. These oversized mercury glass bottles caught my eye on my second walk through.

One dealer made candlesticks out of concrete balustrades. I picked up this pair for my outdoor dining table. I can't wait to light them on a cool night and sit outside with a glass of wine! 

This booth has some of the most bizarre clothing - but it's always PACKED! The ladies at Marburger seem to love this stuff. I just don't get it. 

One of the interesting ensembles available inside.

After finishing up at Marburger and tromping through the fields, Laura, Courtenay and I finished our day with a relaxing dinner and wine under the shade of a huge oak tree. 

The next morning, we hit the show at the Big Red Barn. The Barn was my favorite stop this year. There were so many beautiful things, it was hard to decide what to leave with. I almost went home with one of these creamy French confit pots. 

But I couldn't resist these tiny Imari tea jars to mix in with my chinese-style china pattern. 

Here's Courtenay with her new treasure - an antique papier mache sewing box in perfect condition. It even came with the tiny pin cushion inside! It's going to look fabulous in her home. 

And of course, I had to get my kettle corn! The bag was almost polished off on the four-hour drive home. Luckily there was enough left for the boys to have their own "souvenir" from Mommy's trip. 

Here's a peek back into our packed car - the sign of a successful trip! It took a lot of creativity to get everything to fit inside. There wasn't an inch of space left. 

I unloaded all of my new treasures in my Antique Row booth this morning. Stop by soon to take a look! 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Round Top Recap Part I

I'm finally unpacked from my first trek of the week to Round Top. I made the trip on Tuesday with my mom and sister Hayley. This was the first time we have gone early - right as the dealers are pulling in and unloading their trucks. Going twice in a week might seem exhausting, but the extra effort was worth it for the selection and prices. And we didn't have to fight the crowds - just the occasional decorator, picker or Marburger Farm dealer. 

The dealer opened this box filled with Italian fragments and it was emptied within five minutes. I bought a few to display on Lucite stands. 

A shelf packed with gorgeous vellum books. 

We loved these antique glass bottles - I'd like to buy a few to use as hurricanes or for fresh cut flowers. 

Round Top offers something for everyone. Taxidermy alligator or ostrich, anyone? 

(I couldn't resist posting this picture of my mom and sister with the infamous alligator. We had to take it for Leighton. Don't worry, I didn't bring the gator home!)

We stopped to admire this simple arrangement of coral hung artfully on a wall. 

One of my favorite dealers is Herron Lighting at Old Henry Farm. I snagged a vintage sunburst mirror for my booth and a carved chandelier from Belgium for Leighton's big boy room. 

I'm heading back again on Tuesday for the shows at Marburger Farm and the Big Red Barn. I wonder what I'll find besides my kettle corn?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Love These Lamps

One of my favorite stores in Atlanta is Dearing Antiques on Miami Circle. When I visited the shop last year, I fell in love with a collection of handmade pottery lamps. Each begins as a piece of clay, then it's turned on the potter's wheel. 

Once fired, glazed and refired in the kiln, it's made into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind lamp, complete with a burlap or linen shade and matching handmade finial. The potter also signs the back. They are truly works of art for your home.

I loved the lamps so much that I had to bring them to Dallas! Swing by my booth inside Antique Row to see some in person. I can customize lamp styles, glaze colors and shades so if you're searching for something specific, let me know! 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Let's Go Hunting!

In our house, fall is hunting season. Stroud heads off to shoot dove and deer, and I pack my bags to go antique hunting at the Round Top Antiques Fair. This year I'll be making the trip twice - first with my mom and sis to scout out bargains in the fields, and then again the following week with my girls to peruse the more expensive tents of Marburger Farm and the Big Red Barn.

It's hard to say what I like best about this trip - the uninterrupted time with some of my favorite friends, the food (can't leave without my bag of kettle corn), or the thrill of finding everything on my "list." Here's what I'm hoping to bring home this year.

Antique architectural elements like old shutters, window panes and doors are an interesting alternative to art. My stairwell has a tall wall where a set would fit perfectly. 

Best Luxury Design Blog

Kate Collins Interiors

White ironstone. I have several platters and pudding molds inside an old English plate rack in our breakfast room. I'd love to find some pitchers, compotes and tureens to mix into my glass kitchen cabinets. 

Design Sponge

Framed Intaglios are simple and serene, and would complement the Carerra marble and metallic grasscloth wallpaper in my powder bath. 

Foxglove Antiques

Vintage paintings from the mid 1900s are usually fairly inexpensive and when grouped together make a big statement. My mom layers still life paintings in her kitchen; this homeowner stacks several vintage landscape paintings in the entry. I have a few French and Belgian works in my booth and would love to add more. 

Country Living

A vintage globe for Leighton's room. I'm so drawn to these - they remind me of classrooms from my childhood. I'm picturing one atop his primitive pine chest. 

Coastal Living 

I'll let you know how I do after next week. And if you're making the trip - happy hunting! 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lisa Luby Ryan for Arteriors

One of my favorite Dallas shops is Vintage Living in Snider Plaza. Designer and owner Lisa Luby Ryan has an amazing eye - her shop is a well-edited mix of French and Swedish antiques, interesting architectural elements and soothing monochromatic upholstery. Walking into her shop is instantly calming for me - but unfortunately, the price tags are not.

So I was thrilled when I heard about Lisa's new line of lighting and accessories for more affordable Arteriors. Here's a sneak peek of some of my favorites! 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Demijohn Bottles

When I visit antique markets, I'm always on the lookout for handblown Demijohn bottles. Originally they were used in Europe and early America to store liquids like wine and molasses.


Today, decorators use them to accent both traditional and modern interiors. 

Atlanta Home & Lifestyles

The most common colors are olive green and aqua, although sometimes you can find the rarer amber or cobalt blue. Usually (but not always), the  greener the bottle, the newer it is.  European bottles tend to be more round, while American versions usually are shaped liked a cylinderThese arrangements of differing sizes and colors makes for interesting table centerpieces in this oceanfront home.

Coastal Living

Coastal Living

I love how this collection of clear demijohns complements this airy, light interior. 


We have several varieties in stock at Antique Row - where can you use one in your home?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cleaning Up Clutter

I like for things in my house to have a home. Organizing is one of my favorite past times, and I confess - my electronic label maker is my favorite high tech gadget. 

But with two little boys, a very enthusiastic Brittany and a husband who loves the outdoors, stuff seems to pile up by the back door. Right now I'm looking at three pairs of flip flops, two school bags, a soccer ball and an electric dog collar. And I don't have anywhere to put it...which drives me crazy! 

So in my next life, I'd love to have a mud room. The examples below are some of my favorites. Cubbies and hooks are hidden behind simple cabinet doors. Everyone has a place to throw all of their stuff...and Mom doesn't have to look at any of it! 

Southern Living


Traditional Home

And there's the perfect place to put the dog bed, too!

Country Home & Interiors

Monday, September 6, 2010

Favorite Finds In Store

As a dealer at Antique Row, I'm asked to work one day a month at the shop. This past Thursday was the first time in five years (or since Leighton was born) that I put in a full day at the "office." I had lots of time to study all of the shop's best finds, and photographed a few of my favorites. 

I was so disappointed to see a "Sold" tag already on this angel. Wouldn't it be fabulous during the holidays sitting on a chest surrounded by holly and pinecones?

This Imari vase was transformed into a lamp with a more contemporary Lucite base and finial.

A bold lamp surrounded by antique Mercury glass. 

An interesting vignette atop a simple, antique Louis Philippe commode. 

My mom has an arrangement of vintage still life paintings in her kitchen. I love this pair to start a collection.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Antique Row Opening

I'm officially open for business inside Dallas' Antique Row! Stroud and I spent most of the morning setting everything up inside my booth - it was so fun to see the space come together. I hope you'll stop by soon for a visit. 

Lindley Arthur Antiques
Antique Row
5013 West Lovers Lane
Dallas, Texas 75209