Monday, August 30, 2010

Room to Grow

Leighton and Benton started school today. I took this picture of them (matching outfits of course!) on our front porch this morning. 

Leighton is officially a "big boy" in Pre-K, and little brother Benton is not far behind - soon he'll graduate from the crib into Leighton's hand-me-down bed. 

I bought a queen-size iron four poster bed from Stephanie Anne's moving sale last year, and I've been gathering accessories for the walls - vintage fishing lures (which I had framed in a shadow box) and four old tole trays with different breeds of hunting dogs.

So my big dilemma is bedding. I want the room to work for him when he's four, but I also want it to work when he's 14. (Although clearly I will redecorate before he gets that old... sorry Stroud!) What I don't want is something with a theme, like sports or cowboy - I am looking for fabric for the duvet, pillows and bedskirt that's timeless, neutral and masculine. These pictures are my inspiration. Which one do you like best?


Phoebe Howard

Southern Living


  1. I like the Phoebe Howard option best... however the bed skirt on the Southern Living is also pretty cute.

  2. I'm curious to hear the outcome. I have this same delimma. Love what you are doing!

  3. I like the last one. It will look good with the things that boys want to hang on the walls, ie. Stuffed Ducks and Deer Horns.