Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Home in the Design District

This month, I opened a new space inside Brown & Company, a gorgeous shop located in Dallas' Design District. I'm sharing the square footage with two of my favorite girls from Antique Row, Brooke Henry Drake and Melessa Brooks. 

Stop by for a visit soon!

Lindley Arthur Antiques at Brown & Company 
1333 Oak Lawn Avenue 
Dallas, Texas 75207

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Three Fabric Schemes

No question about it, I'm slightly obsessed with fabric. I adore flipping through the textile departments in my free time. And Stroud is getting a little tired of me recovering things after 18 months. There are just SO many beautiful fabrics out there, it's hard for a girl to settle on just one!

I've recently had three fun clients with excellent taste. We finalized their fabric schemes and I thought I'd share with you. Enjoy! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rethinking Curb Appeal

Happy New Year everyone! It's been embarrassingly long since my last post. But 2015 brings the promise of new beginnings, so I'm determined to make this little blog more of a priority.

One of my projects this fall has been consulting on the new facade of this 1980s home in Highland Park. The home's floorplan is wonderful. And it sits on a great little street close to the school. But the finish out was stuck in the early 80s - dark cabinets, yellow floral wallpaper - you get the picture.

Over the past few months, chintz wallpaper has given way to clean, crisp walls; and the kitchen and baths are now completed in Carrara. Now it was time to tackle the exterior. Here's a picture of the home in its former 1982 glory. 

And the drive-up today....

Clearly painting the brick made a HUGE difference. We tried at least eight samples of white before we settled on the perfect shade.  Glass-front double doors, a simple pediment, shiny new windows, Pennsylvania bluestone on porch and gas lanterns from Bevelo complete the look. Isn't it gorgeous?!! The only thing missing is a pair of these planters from Napa Home, which have been backordered for months. Can't you just see boxwoods on the porch in these pretties? 

This client had a vision when they bought this home. They didn't let the dull brown brick, fruit-motif bordered wallpaper, or ugly dark cabinets scare them off. They looked at what's important - location, floor plan and basic construction - and over time are restoring it into a beautiful home. 

In other news, I'm off to Scott's in Atlanta this week on a "business trip." Stay tuned for pictures of new goods coming to the shop! I'm now officially addicted to Instagram so follow me here (@lindleyarthur) to see photos of client projects and my findings out and about. 

Monday, October 13, 2014


This year's Celebrate Art show is just around the corner! 

Many artists from years past are returning, and we're excited to introduce a couple of new talents to the group - Ann Jackson and Erin Gregory! 

Melissa Payne Baker

Lizzie Bailey


Meredith Grabham 

Erin Gregory 

Nicole Groth 

Mary Houston

Ann Jackson

Lindsey Meyer 

Becky Nelson

Sloane Phillips 

Liz Wiley

Susan Williams 

See you on Tuesday and Wednesday!